Seoul - Explore the Paradise of South Korea

The Blue House... the Presidents Abode

The Blue House of Seoul not just offers historically enriching facts but also gives you verdant gardens for your eyes to savor upon. The blue tile on the ceiling of the building is where it gets its name from. The architecture is typically Korean in style. If visited on Saturday morning, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the military band performance outside the Blue House premises. This Blue beauty is set with the background of the mighty Mount Bugaksan which simply enhances its splendor.

Hongdae... and its Nightlife Buzz

The Hongdae district encompassing Seoul's Hongik University is best known for its happening nightlife. This is the major reason why tourists frequent this area. Come, and rediscover the youth in yourself with the dance and jazz of the streets adorned with its night charm. It scores well as one of the must-visit Seoul attractions. The streets are packed with exciting pubs and nightclubs. The music raging out of the Karaoke hubs will keep you engaged all night without realizing that the dawn has knocked. Yes! It is that engaging.

Mt Bukhan... Hike your Heart Out

Overlooking the Seoul city, Mt Bhukhan which is commonly known as Bukhansan is a prominent mountain landmark. It is also associated with the Bukhansan National Park. For all the nature enthusiasts out there, this spot is famous for rock climbers as well as bird watchers. So, hire a car to the foothill and start off with your happy trek on Saturdays and Sundays. The base is packed with aromatic food counters enticing your appetite. So after a tiring hike, you can simply indulge in some gastronomical affair!

Namdaemun Market... A Shoppers Paradise

This famous market dates back to the 1960's. When in Seoul, you cannot really miss shopping goodies from the Namdaemun Market. By the way it is also the best place to try out the lip smacking variations of local street food. You can buy souvenirs for loved ones back home. It specializes in Korean handicrafts gifts. Unlike the pricey markets this place offers stuff within your budget.

Trickeye Museum... Home to Optical illusion

Right at the heart of the Hongdae nightlife you will find this museum that is true to its name as it plays various tricks with the eyes. This museum uses the techniques whereby you will be transported to the world of 3D while glancing at a 2D image. Have you ever imagined the concept of interactive art? This museum guarantees not to disappoint you with its innovations. It's a place to visit especially if you are a photographer in search of novel subjects. Visit to Trickeye Museum is definitely amongst the top fun things to do in Seoul.

Andong day trip... Essence of Village amidst technology

Mingle with the aesthetic and cultural heritage that is associated with South Korea here at. Andong, which gives you that rustic feel. The village is rich in its art and traditions. This daytime tour to the nooks and corners of Hahoe village is a delight when accompanied by comfy transportation and lunch facilities. The guide is a local and thus, helps tourists to blend in with Andong culture. The package includes free pickups from you hotel and also drop-offs.

Seoraksan Mountains... Excursions to the mighty peaks

Too much of hustle-bustle of city life becomes overbearing and that is when we crave for that relaxing holiday trip. So, don't forget the nerve calming option around Seoul that is called Seoraksan Mountains. The rugged granite features of its impressive peaks are definitely a sight to behold. The cable cars that you can board while on this day trip, give you a breathtaking view of the deep valleys. The local professional guide offers an enriching knowledge packed experience in explaining the Buddhist heritage here. The Korean cuisine is also another indulgence to dive in during this trip.

Street Food Walk... like never before

Seoul being the ultimate destination foodies, it justifies its status with the large variety of local street food. The ancient streets and lanes act as the food paradise that can tantalize your taste buds with the varied and distinct flavors of authentic Korean snacks. The personalized street food tour also comes with a guide that can take you through the favorite among all Korean delicacies. On the way, experience a rush of romance with aphrodisiac food as well as some interesting local history.

One can enjoy and move around easily on bikes in Seoul. Come out of the crowded car-congested streets of Seoul and explore the city from a different perspective. You can add this in the list of things to do in Seoul alone. This can be successfully achieved with the romantic bike rides along the specially paved streets. It is basically a great way to soak up some of the local culture and life.

How to Reach Seoul

By Air: Seoul has two International airports. The Incheon International Airport is the main airport, with international flights from all major countries. The Gimpo international airport serves as a domestic airport but has international flights from select countries like Japan, Taiwan, and China.

By Road: Seoul is well connected by highways and expressways. You can either hire a car or take a bus as the city has 5 Bus Stations.

By Waterways: South Korean ferry service connects with Chinese ports, Vladivostok in Russia and Sakaiminato in Japan.

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