First Time Visitor to Chicago, There Are Lots of Musts to Follow

A first time visitor, you have made the right decision to visit Chicago as your itinerary will get flooded with things that are must-see and must-do. Chicago is an immense destination presenting friendly locals to finest cultural institutions, besides world-famous eateries in restaurants. It is a city coming alive, suitable as a vacation and has best attraction. Make your getaway with Chicago as it has lots of must-do activities.

Your activities may include taking an architecture cruise or enjoying the nightlife, restaurants, museums and shopping. Chicago does not simply boast of its craft breweries, attractions, cuisine and entertainment. It certainly has the best orchestra and the tallest building to be proud of. Even sports enthusiasts to shopaholics and foodies to thrill-seekers are sure to find something in Chicago, no one will be disappointed.

Chicago River cruise gives a peep into the architecture and on stepping into the tour boat; you can see the downtown and stunning buildings that will keep your eyes wide open.

Tip: Even if you are visiting Chicago for a day, do not skip this activity.

Navy Pier is also the must-see tourist attractions. It has undergone renovations aiming to promote its appeal and now has a slew of local restaurants, an IMAX theater, best theaters, children's museum and traveling exhibitions. The Ferris wheel is another must-see here and visiting Navy Pier is worthy.

Museum Campus has three best attractions, the Shedd Aquarium, the field Museum and the Adler Planetarium. These offer the best views and fans of aquatic life, natural history or outer space are sure to find the Museum Campus tickling curiosity.

Deep dish pizza, you must have heard about this dish. This is the signature slice of the city. Deep dish is baked, thick and heavy mess of tomatoes and cheese. It is divine and the first-timers are sure to fall for this dish found in Lincoln Park. If you want local cuisine, treat in Chicago for the best Italian beefs.

City Navigation

Though Chicago is a giant city, navigation is easy by taxi, walking and public transportation. You can cut the transportation time and make it by renting bike.

Tip: The numerical grid system in Chicago offers easy directions. As you plan the route, remember, 1 mile = 8 blocks.

Many of the attractions in the city are a ride away or a short walk. Walking allows you to see the city and its treasures in the downtown areas. The trains and buses of CTA are cost-effective and fast offering unlimited rides. A 1-day pass is $10, while a pass for 3 days in $20 and $28 for 7 days pass.

Taxis are abundant and the rates are based on gas prices. You can take a hop on and off tour bus.

Parking and driving 
Securing a spot downtown for parking is difficult, though you can navigate by car as per the grid. The easiest is to park in garages, but the rates are on hourly basis and they are expensive.

Eat hot dogs the Chicago-style; however go to Portillo's for sandwiches and dogs. For deep dish pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches visit Lou Malnati's. In fact, the Pizzeria Uno and Pequod's are the best stops in the city.

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